Join a supportive community with core values of learning, sharing and growing together. Here in The ALLIANCE, our entire purpose relies upon helping individuals like you to overcome obstacles that may arise on your journey in the music industry.  Whether you are searching for the right plugin to add your chain, looking for some feedback on your track, or just want to talk about what is new in the industry and network, The ALLIANCE is here to help you.


$49.99 / MONTH



$169.99 / 4 MONTHS



$479.99 / 12 MONTHS



$24.99 / MONTH


*Must be able to provide proof of enrollment*


Weekly Livestream Sessions!

Now you can see and hear how Grammy-Nominated and Multi-Platinum engineers work. LIVE! Sit right next Luca Pretolesi, Scott Banks and other music industry professionals while they work and show you their workflow. 

Connect and collaborate with like-minded music creators!

Joining The ALLIANCE gives you access to our private Facebook group, for Members-Only. There, you will be able to ask questions, discuss, share, and network with other members on their own journey to Make Music Better. 


Have you had specific questions that you can’t just ask any friend or forum? Now is your chance to have your questions answered by credible individuals on how to make your music better. 

Track Reviews by professionals!

Track Review is an extremely helpful tool. Submit your songs and mixes for an in-depth review, offering technical and artistic feedback on different ways to make your music sound professional and expensive. 

Discounts on all Studio DMI services!

Looking to record for your next tune? Or do you want to have your songs mixed and mastered by elite engineers Scott Banks, and Luca Pretolesi? ALLIANCE Members save money using any service from Studio DMI. 

Access to audio plug-ins and sample packs!

Along with your membership you get exclusive access to approved audio plug-ins and sample packs. Not only do your have access to the links but to video tutorials to guide you through.

Be a part of The ALLIANCE Facebook community!


  • Livestream access inside Studio DMI
  • Live & Archived Q&A’s with industry experts such as; Luca Pretolesi & Scott Banks and more.
  • Track reviews by professionals and peers
  • Links to free & approved audio plug-ins and sample packs (Resources)
  • Private members-only Facebook group
  • Connect and collaborate with like-minded audiophiles
  • Music Management Consultation
  • Access to archived “Fly On The Wall” sessions
  • Share your music with other artists including honorary members
  • Industry relevant legal contract templates (Resources)
  • 10% discounts on all Studio DMI services (Resources)
  • 10% discount on all Music ALLIANCE Academy Workshops & Courses (Resources)
  • Special pricing on select pro audio software & hardware gear and cabling (Resources)
  • Priority notice on any specials and/or promotions