Kick back, relax and hangout with these hand picked individuals to share some of their fondest memories and craziest experiences with EDC campers and other music enthusiasts at “Expression Through Sound” a panel brought to you by a collaboration between, Studio DMI, The ALLIANCE, and The Music ALLIANCE Academy. Our selection will include DJ/Producers, managers, singer/songwriters, event promoters and talent buyers. All coming from different walks of life, but willing to come together and share with you their stories, and offer their insight on how to increase productivity in an artistic field through conscious holistic practices for the mind and body.


“Expression Through Sound” is a 3-day event that will take place on the EDC Campgrounds at the Cascada South Tent for 1 hour each day.  With the campgrounds expected to house 15,000-20,000 campers, we can expect 200-500 campers to attend each day.


A Q&A will be held at the end of each panel, allowing attendees to dive deeper into the minds of the panelists.

We hope to see you there!



Pegboard Nerds is a Danish-Norwegian electronic music group, consisting of Norwegian DJ Alexander Odden and Danish DJ Michael Parsberg. The name Pegboard Nerds is an anagram of the duo’s surnames, Odden and Parsberg. Odden and Parsberg first met in 2005 and formed the group in 2011. Previously, their records were released under separate projects but both have been producing since the 1990s. They are currently the artists with the most releases on Monstercat, with their debut song on the label being “Gunpoint”, a dubstep song released in 2012. On October 15, 2015, the duo released Pink Cloud to fund breast cancer research which went to #2 on iTunes Dance Albums, and into the Top 10 on Billboard Dance albums. In 2015, their collaboration with Jauz was one of the top bass house songs of the year. “Superstar” with NGHTMRE and Krewella was the #1 dubstep song on the Beatport Dubstep Charts in May 2016. Their collaboration “Deep In The Night” with Montreal-based artist Snails was released in August 2016. In 2017, the duo released Nerds by Nature with a remix EP being released later that year. The EP reached #12 on the Top Dance/Electronic Albums Billboard charts.


Bright Lights is an American pop singer-songwriter whose powerful voice and beautiful compositions make her one of the most sought after vocalists in all of electronic music. Responsible for several career-defining hits including Porter Robinson’s “Language,” Hardwell’s “Never Say Goodbye,” and 3LAU’s “How You Love Me,” she is also featured on Zedd’s #1 Clarity album. In addition to her singing, Bright is also Grammy-nominated for her songwriting on Justin Bieber’s “Somebody To Love” and Fantasia’s “Even Angels.” With her debut single “Runaway (Feat. 3LAU)” racing up the charts, a full-length album in the works, and support from the many artists she has helped along the way, Bright Lights is quickly becoming an international fan favorite.





SAYMYNAME hails from the greater Los Angeles area, he is also better known as Dayvid Sherman. Dayvid grew up in a musical family influenced by many genres of music including hiphop from his father who DJ’d as a hobby. Growing up in LA’s booming rave scene, Dayvid went on to graduate from Chapman University with a degree in Public Relations and Advertising.As he’s tinkered with both trap and hardstyle, trying to find his sound… his re-birth came about as he discovered #HARDTRAP. Ever since then, SAYMYNAME has been the pioneer of this sound movement. As a result many blogs and fans have labeled SAYMYNAME as the God Father of HARDTRAP. Keep an eye out for this young exciting act which bring his fabulous stage presence and ridiculous drops and basslines which makes crowds go insanely crazy!


Reid Stefan is an LA based music producer and songwriter originally from New Jersey. He got his start in 2012 posting bootleg remixes of top 40 songs on YouTube, which quickly grew into a worldwide fanbase and touring DJ. Reid then retired from touring in 2015 to focus on studio work, which expanded into high profile ghost production, sound design, and songwriting. Reid has recently returned to YouTube in 2017 as “Reid Stefan Realest Puppet In The Game” where he posts weekly music production tutorials and releases a variety of sample packs through his brand Whole Loops.




Those privy to the definition of ‘sound engineer’ can sometimes mistakenly assume it to be a solely technical position and lose sight of the creativity required. What Luca Pretolesi does when mixing and mastering is nothing short of musicianship, taking tracks to an entirely new level. His approach is artistic, bringing a fresh perspective to songs and releasing the emotion that can be buried beneath unpolished sounds.

Hailing from Italy where the genre was born, dance music is second nature to him. While most professional sound engineers are just now jumping into electronic music due to it’s prevalence in today’s pop culture, Luca has perfected the art of mixing and mastering electronic music with over 20 years experience.


Karra is a New Jersey native who currently resides in Los Angeles as an artist, songwriter, and vocal producer. Being heavily influenced by Pop and Electronic Dance Music, Karra has written and recorded top-lines for artists like Seven Lions, Krewella, Ferry Corsten, Paris Blohm, Sam Feldt, Cade, Breathe Carolina, LOUDPVCK, Jackal, Gareth Emery, Darude, Culture Code, Unlike Pluto, and many others. She has had releases under Lowly Palace, Spinnin’ Records, Monstercat, Armada, Dim Mak, Universal Music Group, and Hospital Records. She continues to release original music while writing for the electronic dance music industry’s biggest heavy hitters.





Studio DMI’s Mixing and Mastering Engineer Scotty Banks is bringing back the artistic integrity to electronic dance music in the studio and honing his skills with his mentor; Grammy nominated engineer Luca Pretolesi.

Scotty had a humble beginning in the music world where he was able to test his mixing and mastering techniques as a DJ, gaining live, first-hand feedback through audience reaction to his music on the dance floor. He now works at Studio DMI with Luca and applies expertise and attention to detail that come from thousands of hours of working with some of the top artists from around the world, adding finishing touches to songs unlike anyone else.


Mack Bartsch aka spaceprodigi is a young and upcoming electronic music artist from Houston, Texas who uses all analog synthesizers in her productions and has the support of major companies and synth manufacturers including Moog. She discovered her love for music at an early age once she took up the violin and piano in 5th grade, and got into electronic music after first hearing legendary producer deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) on the radio. She was inspired by Joel’s use of analog synthesizers and received a Moog Sub 37 for her 14th birthday. At just 16 years old, she released her first EP “Launch” in 2017, which quickly reached #35 on the Beatport Top 100 charts within the first week. Shortly after, she and Ask.Audio collaborated to create an episode for their SynthStories podcasts as well as taught a livestream masterclasses. And in October 2017, Mack played her first show at a club in Houston with legendary techno artist, Richie Hawtin. Mack will play her 1st festival at EDC Las Vegas 2018 at the main stage, “Kinetic Field.”





Estovega began his music career playing piano at age 5. a few years later , his parents gave him a drum machine. When he got into DJing in his teens, he focused mainly on his vinyl mixing skills because he skills, “a 14 -year old with an allowance wouldn’t be able to afford vinyl, the gear to play it and the fear required to produce music. Still, time brought Estovega to producing, and today his weapons of choice are analog synthesizers. The musician likens the thought one puts into playing an instrument with the work that goes into producing new music by layering loop, vocal tracks and beats. Citing DJ’s such as Richie Hawtin as his inspiration s to his performances, weaving in the songs in the moment. “People in the crowd see a guy who’s actively involved in what they’re doing. That resonates with me as a DJ,” he says. Estovega is resident DJ at Surrender Nightclub, Encore Beach Club, and Drais Afterhours.


Jen Stein is an artist manager and creative based out of Los Angeles CA. She first started as a promoter in college, working her way up to ticketing manager and marketing assistant. Post graduation she moved to Los Angeles, and worked at Red Light Management for three and half years, working her way up from intern to assistant to day to day.

Branding her own company as Jenerral management, she currently manages Rusko, SAYMYNAME, Filthy Fangs, and works on creative and branding for a variety of clients. Also known as GA Jen, she is a raver at heart and is always working to make raves more special for the kids in the crowd, and the artists behind the decks.




COLLECTIVE ZOO is an event & lifestyle media company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their team sets out to create experiences to feed the city’s hunger for quality music, art, and entertainment featuring artists from all over the world. Their mission to heighten the awareness of the movement while shaping the city’s true culture and identity. Together they work as a “Collective” inside the wild city commonly characterized as “a Zoo.” 

Michael Uriarte (CEO) & Orlando Medina (CEO, Talent Buyer)


As Director of A&R for Thrive Music, Carlos has worked with artists including Nicky Romero, Paul Oakenfold, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Nervo, and Moby. He also has been instrumental in signing and developing new talent including the 2017 Grammy-Nominated Lipless, Cheat Codes, SAYMYNAME, Hunter Siegel, Madison Mars, Myon, and 4B.

At the early age of 18, Carlos built a reputation for connecting with the crowd and became a presence in many of the early EDM spots of the late 2000s on the West Coast.

That notoriety was the main reason that he was chosen to be featured on MTV’s hit series True Life. Carlos also produced music and toured under the name Night Crime for several years, performing at flagship festivals like EDC Las Vegas, Nocturnal Wonderland and OMFG San Diego.




Mike Lisanti is an artist manager, record producer, and entrepreneur within the music industry. He graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara in 2012. Lisanti left his job in corporate fashion to begin touring as an artist, doing back end productions, and songwriting for various clients. This experience ultimately led him into the music business side of the industry. Having experience as an artist, radio producer, A&R adviser, tour manager, live audio technician, and day-to-day manager gives him the ability to build a project from the ground up. Lisanti is able to adapt to his clients’ workflow on a creative and administrative level. Today, his ever expanding management roster consists of artists such as TYNAN, Kompany, Champagne Drip, and IZII. He also currently works with high profile clients on radio programming, playlist curation, and creative consultation.


As a Chicago native, DJ Nurotic grew up surrounded by house music. He launced his career by throwing parties and from there he started producing mixtapes and house tracks. Besides being a part of “The Mixshow” on Friday and Saturday nights for 103.5 Kiss FM in Chicago, Nurotic has his own show Friday mornings. Nurotic has also been a contributing guest DJ on BPM radio for SiriusXM for the last 5 years. Outside of radio, Nurotic has been releasing remixes as well as original music along with DJ Rapko and 2DLQZ.



DJ Nurotic